It’s Always the Darned Cat …

Isn't that the truth! But cats always have their own agendas and we're often not privy to them. Morrigan, the sleek black cat in this story, helps Savannah make an antidote when the love potion that she created has unintended consequences. Of course, Morrigan intentionally screwed up the love potion to begin with ... because... Continue Reading →


Good Morning!  After a week of temperatures in the 60s and 70s, this morning’s 43 degrees and strong northerly wind feels blustery!  And as the morning sunlight attempts to cut through the hazy fog I feel optimistic and am ready to work.   I’m sitting in my little writing nook (also known as a detached garage)... Continue Reading →

States of Being

Good morning! It's that time of year again - the time when I bring my tropical houseplants indoors. And even though I've carefully checked all of the pots to make sure I'm not bringing in any unintended hitchhikers, and this includes tipping them and checking the bottoms for scorpions - even though - I still... Continue Reading →

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