Ghost Stories

I once lived in a haunted house ... To be fair, I didn't own the house. I was staying with family, living in a spare bedroom for a couple of months between jobs / apartments and while simultaneously working and going to college. I wouldn't say that this ghost was malevolent. I'd classify it as... Continue Reading →


Good evening!  It’s been a windy day on the southern plains, and by that I mean windier than usual!  We’ve had sustained winds of near 50 miles per hour for most of the day, with gusts even stronger.   Earlier as I was driving, a solid sheet of leaves skittered down the road towards me, completely... Continue Reading →


Good morning!  I am so excited!!!  I am literally riding an emotional high!  I just watched Blue Origin’s nineteenth mission launch to space and then return.  Listening to the astronauts as they experienced their three minutes of weightlessness was fantastic.  Their laughter and exclamations of awe as they gazed on our blue planet below were... Continue Reading →


Good Morning!  After a week of temperatures in the 60s and 70s, this morning’s 43 degrees and strong northerly wind feels blustery!  And as the morning sunlight attempts to cut through the hazy fog I feel optimistic and am ready to work.   I’m sitting in my little writing nook (also known as a detached garage)... Continue Reading →


Good Evening!  As I write this I am excited for a lunar eclipse that will begin in a few short hours.  And I wonder if I will be able to stay up for it, or if I should just go to sleep now and get up in the wee hours to observe it.   I’m a... Continue Reading →

The In-Between

Good Morning!  As I write this post the shifting winds outside are blowing a low bank of slate gray clouds across the landscape.  Precipitation drips from them even though it doesn’t reach the ground, and the effect is that it looks like vaporous jellyfish tentacles, reaching down fruitlessly only to evaporate.  I feel as if... Continue Reading →


Good Afternoon! Do you ever look up at the night sky? If you've done so lately, from the northern hemisphere at least, you've noticed that just after sunset the planets Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter are fairly close together right now, appearing in a line stretching upwards from the western horizon. This line is called the... Continue Reading →

States of Being

Good morning! It's that time of year again - the time when I bring my tropical houseplants indoors. And even though I've carefully checked all of the pots to make sure I'm not bringing in any unintended hitchhikers, and this includes tipping them and checking the bottoms for scorpions - even though - I still... Continue Reading →


Good afternoon! As I write this post, autumn is in mid-swing and the world outside my window seems locked in a battle between summer and winter. Two days ago the temperature was in the seventies and I was wearing short sleeves; today it's a winter coat and hat and the sky overhead is threatening rain.... Continue Reading →

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