About Kyeli

Kyeli Sky – Bio


Hi, I’m Kyeli.  

I write cozy paranormal mysteries, and also urban fantasy.  I write the kinds of things that I want to read, and if I had to classify my work I’d call it Arcanepunk – a world where both magic and science exist.  

When I was a kid I was going to be either an astronaut or a professional musician.  I ended up being a professional musician and after a twenty-two year music career I retired and took an office job, which I’ve had for the past fourteen years.  

I’m both an avid writer and reader, and in my spare time I like to knit, watch the History Channel, and play video games.  

I live with my husband on the southern plains, have three grown children, and my co-writers are a pair of entitled and opinionated cats. 

You can contact me at: kyeliskyauthor@gmail.com