Ghost Stories

I once lived in a haunted house …

To be fair, I didn’t own the house. I was staying with family, living in a spare bedroom for a couple of months between jobs / apartments and while simultaneously working and going to college.

I wouldn’t say that this ghost was malevolent. I’d classify it as frustrated if I had to pick an adjective. But it could be downright scary at times. It routinely slammed the cabinet doors in the kitchen, but limited this activity to the wee hours of the morning when everyone was in bed asleep. And no matter who got up to check, the instant that the kitchen light was flipped on the noise stopped. This ghost also skulked around in the unfinished room above the garage, sounding as if it were dragging heavy boxes back and forth across the floor. I recall many instances of sitting in the upstairs den, watching TV or reading a book, and hearing the racket. I would get up to investigate and the instant that I turned the doorknob to open the door to the unfinished room the noise would stop. And a flick of the light switch would reveal nothing but the empty room. There were literally no boxes or anything of the sort that could have been moved around in there to produce the noise.

Perhaps most disturbing was this ghost’s fondness for knocking over one particular potted plant that sat on top of a lipped bookcase and also above a recliner. No one sat in that chair after several close calls with family members nearly being clocked in the head by the falling pot.

This ghost is partly my inspiration for my third book in The Extra-Mortal series, Shadow Angel, which I am currently writing. In this book we find souls that have gotten lost in the void and failed to move on to the Light, and in a sense I think that this could be an explanation for things that we perceive, here in the human realms, as ghosts. I think they are wayward souls, as frustrated at their circumstances as those of us that have to deal with them are, and simply looking for a way to get our attention in their desperate pleas for help.

Have any of you encountered ghosts? Drop a comment and let me know. I’m completely fascinated by the subject and always delighted to hear your thoughts and experiences. And until next time, happy reading, writing, and blogging.

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