Do-overs and the Afterlife

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve taken a break from writing to come up for air, and much to my surprise – it’s February already!!! How did that happen??? You’d think that someone would have notified me!
I’m happy to announce that Season 1 of THE AFTERLIFE BAR AND GRILL is now complete, and I hope that you will check it out (click picture for link). And please, please, please show it some love by giving each episode a thumbs-up and recommending it to your friends and family that enjoy reading fantasy books.
The Kindle Vella platform has now been rolled out to Android and Kindle Fire devices, in addition to still being available on Apple devices and in your web browser, so it just got a whole lot easier to read!
And for those of you that still aren’t sold on the serial fiction platform, I do plan to release this as an eBook at some point down the road.
So what would YOU do if you had a do-over? Which event in your life would you WANT to do over? And how would you change things? Or would you change anything at all? Please drop me a comment and let me know. The subject fascinates me and I would love to know your thoughts on it.
At THE AFTERLIFE BAR AND GRILL, people get their do-over. Sometimes it’s correcting a mistake that they made during their earthly life, and sometimes it’s doing something that they wish they would have done during their earthly life. In any case, it takes lots of bravery and there’s lots of GOOD FEELS throughout this story.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you and, until next time, happy writing and reading!

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    1. Thanks! Your Vella looks like it’ll be a great read! I just followed it. I’m working on an episode of mine right now, but when I stop writing for the night I’ll settle down and start reading yours. ❤


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