Decisions … and a rewrite

Good morning!  I just finished my 30 minutes of morning meditation (I literally could not get through the day if I didn’t meditate every morning) and I realize that I’ve got a decision to make.  

I’ve got to rewrite episode one of my Kindle Vella story, Return To Atlantis.  

Ha ha I know – that’s not a decision!  No, that’s a fact.  I thought that I had made the protag’s situation clear, and ended with a good cliffhanger.  But now I’m 10 episodes in and I’m just not getting the read-through that I expected.  People are reading episode 1, but they’re not clicking on to episode 2. 
Which is not a huge deal.  I finished writing my second book (Renegade Angel) on December 6th, and writing a serial for Vella looked like a fun side project while I’m waiting to publish.  And it IS a fun project.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m enjoying the hell out of it and it actually suits my writing style really well.  I love the episodic nature of it, and I love the publish-as-you-go style.  For me that is totally fun.  

So you’re probably wondering when I’m going to get around to the Decision.  So here it is.  The decision is: 
1.  Do I continue on with my dystopian sci-fi, Return To Atlantis (it’s only going to be 33 episodes total, and I’ve got ten already written/published and am working on eleven today). 
2.  Do I scrap RTA and start on my new paranormal fantasy?  

3.  Do I do both?  

I guess the decision is all about timing really.  Because I’m going to do #2, I just haven’t quite decided when, and if it will be on Vella as a serial or if I’ll write it as a book instead. 
So I guess the only decision is whether or not to press on with #1.  The reads on it are so minimal that I honestly don’t think anyone would notice if I just pulled it completely.  But then again, you never know when these things are going to get traction and suddenly take off.  LoL  

The rewrite for episode 1 of RTA has to happen no matter what, so I guess I’ll start with that and then see what happens.  

What do you think?  


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