Good evening!  It’s been a windy day on the southern plains, and by that I mean windier than usual!  We’ve had sustained winds of near 50 miles per hour for most of the day, with gusts even stronger.  

Earlier as I was driving, a solid sheet of leaves skittered down the road towards me, completely covering the pavement as they blew, and it looked as if my car was being attacked by an invading army.  Then, as I was about to turn into my driveway the neighbor’s trash bin blew over and slid across the road towards my car.  It moved a good ten feet before finally coming to a stop with its lid flapping uselessly.  And then I had to park at the foot of the driveway and move tree branches that had blown down before I could pull the rest of the way up. 
So yeah, it’s been a bizarre weather day.  

Now, I know that wind is caused by differences in atmospheric pressure.  But I like to imagine things that are a little more fun!  Don’t get me wrong – I love weather and am a total fan of meteorology and atmospheric science – but I’m also a fan of Air Elementals and Sylphs and all things magical and unseen.  

And it makes me want to write – stories of dancing nymphs floating on the currents, twirling their skirts and flirting with brave suitors who dash about boldly, flaunting their strength in gusts that cause the trees to shudder and sink their roots a little more deeply into the earth, and the birds to stay hidden in their nests, unwilling to take wing.  

We mere mortals are left to see these things in our mind’s eye, using our intuition and imagination.  We weave tales of fantasy and let them take flight in the pages of a book, the brush strokes on canvas, the sounds of a narrator’s voice.  And who knows but that we bring our creations to life by the very attention that we give to them?  

As the clouds tumble by low overhead I can almost see their faces as they play, unaware of the chaos that their antics bring upon the world below.  And if you look closely, you can see them too.  


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