Good morning!  I am so excited!!!  I am literally riding an emotional high!  I just watched Blue Origin’s nineteenth mission launch to space and then return.  Listening to the astronauts as they experienced their three minutes of weightlessness was fantastic.  Their laughter and exclamations of awe as they gazed on our blue planet below were beyond comparison.  

It has been my dream to go to space since I was in my early teens.  As a child I loved the night sky and I have memories of my parents bundling up in the cold of winter and sitting in the backyard with me at our country home.  They listened patiently as I pointed out the constellations in the dark skies overhead.  

Later, in my teens, I fully expected that by the time that I reached adulthood there would be a continuous community living and working in space, and that I might be among them.  

The International Space Station (ISS) has been continuously occupied since late 2000.  

Well before that, in the mid-70’s, Skylab was sporadically inhabited by three separate crews for a total of about six months before it eventually fell back to earth in 1979.  In fact, I remember a parody song that was popular on the radio that year, about where it might fall.  Does anyone remember that song?  If so, please leave a comment!  I can’t remember the title or the artist, and I can’t find any references to it, but I would love to hear it again.  

As humanity continues to push at our boundaries I am thrilled and excited about the prospects that await us.  And as I watched the newest six astronauts disembark from their space capsule this morning, after their spectacular journey, I envied them.  

If given the opportunity, would YOU go to space?  Let me know, and tell me why or why not.  


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