Good Morning!  After a week of temperatures in the 60s and 70s, this morning’s 43 degrees and strong northerly wind feels blustery!  And as the morning sunlight attempts to cut through the hazy fog I feel optimistic and am ready to work.  

I’m sitting in my little writing nook (also known as a detached garage) and the warm air blowing from my space heater caresses my skin.  It’s two space heaters actually, and I’ve got them angled just so, so that I’m ensconced in a cocoon of tropical heat in spite of the conditions outdoors.  

As I watch, two squirrels chase each other around the backyard in endless circles.  They are arguing over a small pile of birdseed that has spilled from one of the feeders.  There is enough seed for both of them but it doesn’t occur to them to share.  

The cats watch their antics with great interest, sitting at the window with their faces pressed up against the glass, their tails twitching in agitated anticipation.  

As the two squirrels continue to chase each other, a third squirrel has moved in and is sitting happily on the mound of spilled seed, gorging itself.  

Meanwhile I am reveling in the warm air from my space heaters.  I’ve slipped off my shoes and am wiggling my toes in delight.  Even in the summertime I prefer the warmth of the outdoors to the air-conditioned chill of the house.  Perhaps I am a summer witch. 
We all have a little bit of magic inside of us whether we use it or not.  I am reminded of the tales of superhuman feats, accounts passed on by witnesses and participants alike.  A supernatural warning from a departed friend causes a driver to pull to the side of the road and stop just moments before a deadly accident would have occurred.  A bystander lifts a vehicle off of a person trapped underneath, preventing what would have been certain death.  A lost child knows instinctively which way to go and walks out of a wilderness camping area to find help. 
Is it merely intuition, or is it something else? 
All of these things tug at our imagination and give us a glimpse of the profound and unnoticed that is swirling all around us, layered on top of our everyday lives like an extra and unseen dimension.  

I imagine the possibilities that are available to us, if only we knew how to tap into them, and it makes me want to write.  

What inner knowing do you possess?  


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