The In-Between

Good Morning!  As I write this post the shifting winds outside are blowing a low bank of slate gray clouds across the landscape.  Precipitation drips from them even though it doesn’t reach the ground, and the effect is that it looks like vaporous jellyfish tentacles, reaching down fruitlessly only to evaporate.  I feel as if I can stretch my hand up and touch them, run my fingers through their spectral mists.  

But already the clouds are moving off to the northeast, hustled along by the wind, and morning sunlight is filling in behind them and casting the landscape in brightly lit hues.  It looks warm and inviting in the sunlight, but it is not.  The wind is brisk and chill this morning, sending fallen leaves skittering across the landscape like living things.  They make a crisp sound as they frolic, calling to their companions who are still clinging to the trees and saying, “Come!  Join us!” 

And I am filled with thoughts of potentiality.  

The in-between moments are my favorite times:  twilight, the blue hour, predawn, dusk, the witching hour.  These intervals are the shifting sands upon which our lives are built, the past falling away and the future’s potential spread before us like a buffet, ready for our taking.  

It makes me want to write, to spin fantastical speculative tales, and the ideas swirl in the ether around me begging to be chosen and brought to life.  So I sit at my keyboard ready to create, watching the antics of all of these unfulfilled potentialities as they dance through the in-between, each of them alive in their own right and just waiting to be shared.  

Change is both inevitable and inexorable and the in-between ushers it along, a bridge between potential and manifestation.  

What do you do with your In-Betweens?  


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