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A New Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series!

Darcie Cane doesn’t know that she has magical powers.  When her husband asks for a divorce, right after they become empty-nesters, Darcie runs from their home in Colorado and heads for Lupine Valley, Oklahoma, to hole up with her reclusive older sister Delores and figure things out.  

But Lupine Valley has secrets of its own – secrets that awaken Darcie’s latent magical powers and lead her into the middle of a conflict between two warring clans of shifters.  And with her sister Del caught in the crosshairs, Darcie has to solve an ancient riddle if she’s to have any hope of bringing peace.  

Between attracting the attention of a shifter from the wrong clan, the suspicion of the police when an unusual crime occurs, and dealing with her soon-to-be ex, Darcie’s got her hands full; and if she doesn’t solve the mystery she might be the next victim. 

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